Fluorescent zinc sulfide
Application:Color kinescope powders, plasma crystal powders, and other kinds of fluorescence powders used in luminescent materials, pigments, plastics, rubbers, dyestuffs, coatings, filming, counter forgery and long...
   To better guarantee the purity of the products, all process water is made in house using automated water purification plant incorporating state-of-the-art reverse osmosis plus ion exchange process, with precision level sufficient to produce process water with purity ≥16mΩ·cm and micro particle <0.2μm. The raw water is first pretreated and then enters the post treatment system. The post treatment employs reverse osmosis process, from which the water is further processed consecutively through composite bed, mixed bed and EDI de-ionization equipment to become high-purity water. The produced water will then be UV sterilized and tested to the quality criteria before being delivered to the points of service.
The entire production shop is a fully enclosed 100000-magnitude cleaning shop and any entrant is required to wear clean cap, gauze mask, gloves, clean clothes and clean shoes and then to pass through the air shower, where the air is driven by blower into a static pressure box through a pre-filter before entering a high-efficiency air filter. The clean air is ejected through the nozzles in the air shower at a very high speed, at an adjustable angle, to effectively blow off the dust and dirt attached to the surface of human body or articles carried along. The dust and dirt so blew off is collected into pre-filter. At the same time, the air shower also works as an air brake to prevent unpurified air from entering the clean area, thus ensuring the cleanness of the purified environment.
Fine chemicals

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