Fluorescent zinc sulfide
Application:Color kinescope powders, plasma crystal powders, and other kinds of fluorescence powders used in luminescent materials, pigments, plastics, rubbers, dyestuffs, coatings, filming, counter forgery and long...

Founded at Zhangjiagang Dongsha Chemical Industrial Area in July 1999, Zhangjiagang Alpson Chemicals Co., Ltd works with Japanese Mitsubishi Chemicals to produce high-quality fluorescent zinc sulfide, with annual production capacity reaching 1500 tons, most of which are supplied to Mitsubishi Chemicals and the rest to world-class producers of color rare earth luminescent materials like Samsung, LG Chemicals and Toshiba as well as Chinese manufacturers in the fields of luminescent materials, pigments, plastics, rubbers, dyestuffs, coatings, filming, counter forgery and long persistence. Hot-pressed multi-crystal zinc sulfide, a long-wave infrared window material that the company developed in collaboration with a domestic military research institute, won the company the first prize for scientific and technological advancement in national defense, which became an extremely important window material for realization of medium- or long-wave infrared precision guiding and infrared imaging in many weapon models as part of the national high-tech weapon development program, including such sophisticated weapons as cruising missiles and ultrasonic missiles as well as high-tech products like rockets, manmade satellites, space shuttles and high-power infrared laser devices. As a dual-purpose technology, hot-pressed multi-crystal zinc sulfide also finds use in forward-vision infrared navigating gondola and warship infrared sight window and such focal plane array technologies as maritime rescue, forest fire prevention and geological prospecting in national economy.
Other proprietary zinc sulfide products of the company such as CVD zinc sulfide, optical coating zinc sulfide and zinc sulfide luminous powder are also widely applied in numerous sectors both at home and abroad, receiving wide recognition.
The company employs state-of-the-art equipment imported from Japan and the US, the highly competent technical personnel and the world's most sophisticated analytical instruments to produce world-class zinc sulfide products.

Quality foremost is our commitment and also the fountainhead of our development. Customer satisfaction is what guarantees our success. Pursuing the business concept of continuous improvement with the widest range of input, we are looking forward to becoming your long-term partner to make a difference in the market.
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